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Sugaring is a kind of hair removal based on sugar paste which is hypoallergenic, less painful and irritative than standard Waxing.

GLORIA is a Russian company that produce professional cosmetics for sugaring which started 10 years ago and today is one of leading professional sugaring producers brands in East Europe.

Now GLORIA’s products are available also in Europe thanks to GLORIA SWEET EUROPEAN DISTRIBUTION that is situated in Italy and is the official and exclusive distributor in all European territory what allows to provide Gloria’s products as soon as possible.
GLORIA SWEET E.D. collaborates with beauty salons, training centers, specialised cosmetic shops, distributors and e-commerce.

At this moment in our stock you can find these 3 professional cosmetic lines: GLORIA CLASSIC, MONOCHROME™ AND GLORIA LET’S EPIL.

Let GLORIA’s products become your personal assistant in the achieving of a perfect result!

Gloria classic

GLORIA CLASSIC is basic product line which effectively corresponds to all stages of sugaring.

It has been elaborated relying on the original basic ingredients with new additional active components. Also it has been developed the sugaring technique which is now less irritative and painful.

GLORIA CLASSIC includes 4 main products and 4 additional.

Enjoy classics of sugaring!

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MONOCHROME™ is a special line dedicated for effective removal of coarse and shaved hair, it’s a world’s first epilation system with natural black sugar paste.

This line contains a precious mineral shungite powder which gives this particular black color to the paste. It turns into a sophisticated tool in the hands of a master and helps to achieve the perfect result even for clients with ‘difficult’ hair and sensitive skin.

This line includes 3 products for skin preparation before sugaring, 2 types of sugar paste and 2 post sugaring products to soothe stressed skin after hair removal procedure.

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“Let`s Epil!”

LET’S EPIL is a line of products created especially for skin care between hair removal procedures and it’s indicated for home use only.

Regular use of gel and lotion permits to prevent ingrown hairs, dry skin and makes longer the effect of the hair removal procedure.

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